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Best of you

4. "The best of people are those who are best in fulfilling [rights]." [Ibn Mâjah, Sahîh]

Quotes to remember

22. `Umar ibn Abdul Aziz wrote to one of his governors and said, “Do not punish at the time of anger. If you are angry with any man, keep him in detention. When your anger is appeased punish him in proportion to his crime.”


United States 74.1% United States
Saudi Arabia 5.0% Saudi Arabia
United Kingdom 3.7% United Kingdom
Russia 3.5% Russia
Romania 2.4% Romania
Total:  93  Countries


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Salafs sayings

Sins are like chains and locks preventing their perpetrator from roaming the vast garden of Tawhid and reaping the fruits of righteous actions.

Scholar: Ibn Taymiyyah


This is Hajj Fatwa



Chapter 244
The Excellence of the Remembrance of Allah


Allah, the Exalted, says:

"And the remembering (praising) of (you by) Allah (in front of the angels) is greater indeed [than your remembering (praising) of Allah in prayers]'' (29:45)




Volume 7, Book 71, Number 582:

Narrated Abu Huraira:

The Prophet said, "There is no disease that Allah has created, except that He also has created its treatment."


Perform Hajj for your Parents and you will be rewarded



Our parents died and they did not perform the obligation of Hajj, nor did they leave a testament concerning it. Should we perform Hajj for them and how is that done?

If the


Satanic Whisperings



I feel sometimes, when making Wudhu', that my ablution has been invalidated, and also during prayer, and I do not know if this is true, or if it is whispering (from Satan); therefore, many times I repeat my Wudhu' w


Whoever prayed alone then another Person joined Him, is His Prayer correct?



If I entered the mosque after the congregational prayer had finished and I began to pray, making the opening Takbir, then a man arrived after me and joined me


The Disbelieving father May not be a Guardian of his daughter in marriage



A young Muslim man wants to marry a Muslim girl, but her father, who is a habitual drinker, and an apostate always refuses. Is it permissible for this to contrac


Disbelieving men performing the birth for Muslim Women



Is it permissible for the Muslim woman to go to a hospital to give birth whilst knowing that those that will perform the birth are disbelieving men?

There is no harm in tha


The Science Of Hadith

From USC Muslim Students Association Islamic Server

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Qur'an 15:9

In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate the Most Merciful

We have, Without doubt, sent down the message: and we will


The Wahhabites do not reject the Intercession of the Prophet (sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam)



Do the Wahhabites reject the intercession of the Messenger (sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam)?

It is clear to anyone who has studied the li




In the name of Allah the Most Beneficent the Most Merciful.

Ruling concerning farming tobacco and its profits

Question: What is the Islaamic ruling regarding farming tobacco and the money earned by the farmers from selling it?

Response: It i



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